Why Use Cabinet Genie?Work smarter not harder

The better questions is, “Why wouldn’t you use Cabinet Genie?!”
Information is power and knowing your lead’s budget before you even speak to them puts you one step ahead before you’ve even spoken to the client. Cabinet Genie will tell you the value of their home, cabinet budget, and remodeling budget so you can maximize your time with real buyers and tell the tire kickers to kick rocks. Time is money and the more time you can spend closing deals instead of dealing with “tire kickers” will maximize your time and your profits. Managers can now train their designers to work smarter and more efficiently to maximize a higher closing ratio, giving yourself and your team the freedom to enjoy your life lives by getting new leads without having to sit in the showroom wondering when the next customer will walk through the door. Spend time closing and living, not sitting and waiting.

Since time is money and information is power, save money and gain power with Cabinet Genie’s pay-per-lead program so you don’t pay a penny until after you meet with a potential new buyer. We never said Cabinet Genie could predict the future, but being able to accurately predict your advertising cost is pretty close. Hey, Cabinet Genie is a genie, after all! While competition can be a good thing, losing leads is a bad thing. Keep your leads with Cabinet Genie’s “Exclusive Lead Protection” which prevents a lead from being assigned to another designer. For Store Managers, keeping your designers and ultimately your customers happy is Goal #1, so let Cabinet Genie grant you a happy and productive workplace. You can thank him later.

Who is Cabinet Genie for?

Cabinet Genie is for professional kitchen design organizations who want to grow their company and boost their profits while maximizing their team’s time, allowing them to balance their work life with their life life.

What does Cabinet Genie do?

Cabinet Genie streamlines sales and operations, while maximizing your profits. Now you can also track which ad campaigns generate the highest ROI from the best quality leads, so Store Managers can maximize their advertising dollars and shift their budget towards more profitable campaigns, optimizing your time and pumping up profits.

How does Cabinet Genie work?

Cabinet Genie helps manage the lead generation process, ultimately leading to more closed deals and higher profits. Cabinet Genie’s “Lead and Quote Pipeline” provide Store Managers with the ability to keep the queue active and healthy by rotating designers in and out of the lead queue as they’re workload and availability changes. Designers will also be notified via text message when they’re moved in or out of the queue, so even if they’re onsite with a customer, they will always be informed about what’s actually happening allowing them to focus on the job at hand, reducing stress about what “might be” happening.
Cabinet Genie also automates the notification process, allowing Store Managers to customize email signatures so the brand is consistent in the marketplace, while also keeping the customers informed immediately every time a new lead is claimed.
Cabinet Genie will also wrap the cabinet design process into a complete project, providing you with that value of a customer’s home, their cabinet budget, remodeling budget and even directions to the home or worksite. Store Managers can also use the Cabinet Genie “Marketing Map” to see what areas to target marketing dollars, maximizing the ROI on advertising costs. You asked for 3 wishes, Cabinet Genie delivered 5…he’s good like that.
Where can I access cabinet genie from? Cabinet Genie makes house calls and also travels light, so any computer or mobile device that can access the internet can tap into the power of Cabinet Genie. If you’re not online, then you’re probably not reading this right now, so congratulations…you’re already halfway there!

When did cabinet genie become available?

With cloud technology at the forefront of the digital edge, Cabinet Genie arrived in a select few test markets in 2013. Cabinet Genie will be available in both US and Canada in 2014 with native mobile applications starting to roll out in 2014 and 2015. While there’s no proof that Cabinet Genie invented cloud technology, clouds have been the primary mode of genie transportation for centuries, so you do the math. The future is now!

How do I sign up?

Stores can sign up online today or designers can sign up their kitchen store for a free trial at the same place (since you’re already here, what are you waiting for?!).










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